::: Shirley Chisholm Mural With Brooklyn Students :::

The students of P.S. 268 in Brooklyn helped me paint this mural of Shirley Chisholm, who was the first black woman elected into the US congress, and also the first black woman to run for president! She was a thoughtful and compassionate politician, brilliant educator and author of “Unbought and Unbossed”. She came from humble beginnings in Brooklyn and rose up to give a voice to millions and forever changed the nation. A true role model to learn about and look up to.

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::: Facebook HQ Paintings :::

::: Facebook Data Center Paintings, Des Moines (Altoona), IA. 2014-2016. :::

Sunday Afternoon In The Park (La Grand Jatte), 2′ x 2′, Acrylic on Canvas.

Whistlers Mother (On Laptop), 3′ x 2′, Acrylic and spray paint on canvas.

American Gothic, 2′ x 2′, Acryic on canvas.

Dogs on Devices, 4’x 6′, acrylic and spray paint on canvas.

Reclining Woman, 5′ x 16′, Spray paint on canvas. Collaboration with Mike Stenerson.