::: Paint Louis 2014. NTC :::


Ninjas That Color – Paint Louis 2014.

Paint Louis (Full)

With over 500+ writers and painters from all over the nation, a mile long flood-wall in St. Louis becomes a mile long mural and transforms the city into Paint Louis!

Here are a couple videos that my good friend Mr. Moneeezy made of the NTC Kung-Fu action on a 40 ft. high wall without a ladder. Featuring: Drop, Cepose, Mone and Yours Truly.

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::: Artists’ Mark’it Picture Show :::

Photos of many works of many hands of many shows throughout the month of September, 2011 at Public Space One in downtown Iowa City. It’s 10 minutes of pure inspiration through collaboration.

We had so much fun to working on this project that I forgot to eat and sleep! It was that good. Enjoy it!

Music by DJ Shadow, “Blood on the Motorway” from his album “Live, In Tune & On Time”.

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